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Helping Missionary Kids

Utah-Idaho women have been invited to partner with Georgia Woman’s Missionary Union in hosting the annual MK Re-Entry Retreat. Missionary Kids returning to the U.S. to attend college are invited to participate in this retreat led by our International Mission Board. 

The MK Re-entry Retreat is for children of international missionaries who are entering college in the United States for the first time. The retreat provides a setting for MK’s(Missionary Kids) to process the transition to college and life in the US.

The UISBC Women’s Network is collecting donations to purchase gift cards to be given to students attending the retreat, which they can use to help meet their needs as they begin college life. Our goal is to provide $50 to each student. The number is not yet known, but it is anticipated to be around 50-60.

For more information contact

Mary McFarling

Women’s Missions & Ministries Network

801.572.5350 ext. 2