Destination Dig: Unearthing the Truth About Jesus – Lifeway’s 2021 VBS

Daily Content:
Day 1: Jesus Came as God Promised – Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2, Matthew 1:18-2:6
Day 2: Jesus Demonstrated God’s Power – Psalm 146:8, Isaiah 35:5-6A; John 9:1-41
Day 3: Jesus was Betrayed and Rejected – Psalm 41:9; Isaiah 53:3, 7; John 13; 18:1-19:16
Day 4: Jesus Died and Rose Again – Isaiah 53:5, 9-11; John 19:17 – 20:18
Day 5: The Bible is True – Isaiah 53:7-8; Acts 8:26-40

Jeremiah 29:13
You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart. (CSB)

Training Sessions Available in English and Spanish

Spanish VBS 2021

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VBS and Covid-19 Impact

Your VBS training team is fully aware that Covid-19 has impacted the way we do ministry, especially in the area of family ministry.  We recognize that you face difficult decisions. Our hope is that the decision is NOT whether or not you will do VBS, but rather the question you are asking is “How will we do VBS this summer (or Fall, Spring, or any other time of year)?”

We can help you with the “HOW” question. 

Your State Convention VBS Training team is hard at work planning and scheduling both in-person and virtual training options for Spring of 2021.  We are contacting potential host churches in three or four targeted areas across our two states and will be distributing the recording of those in-person trainings to every church in the UISBC.  We will also be supplementing those events with additional virtual training materials that will allow you to equip your church VBS leaders even if they are not able to travel to one of our in person events.   

Local Church VBS Training Tools

These training tools are at Lifeway.com’s VBS Director’s Club, a Free Online Community of VBS Leaders helping each other. Sign up today! vbs.lifeway.com/directors-club/

For more information contact

Jason McNair

State Missionary for Strengthening Churches


801.572.5350 ext. 5