Supporting our missionaries, it’s more than money

The following is from Mary McFarling, our Women’s Missions and Ministry Network Director

Idaho Falls, ID – I recently received the following, shared by a NAMB Missionary couple, Eber and Melisa Argueta serving in St Cloud, MN.  

“We were chosen as the missionaries of the month of January by ‘Women on Mission’ (national WMU) which means that many churches are praying for us, especially women and children. It has been an amazing experience. God has encouraged our hearts in a way I couldn’t explain.

We receive many cards like the one you see in this photo; children of preschool or school age have written us words of encouragement that have arrived just at the time we needed them most. Only God knew the anxiety that was in my heart the day we received one of the groups of cards. When I opened the envelope and began to read each one, I began to cry but with joy, to see how God is a close, personal God, who knows our hearts and uses even such small children for His glory. As you can see, this was written by a boy or girl of approximately 5-6 years old, but they were the right words I needed to hear that day. On many of the cards the same verse was repeated:

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Eber and Melisa Argueta, a Honduran couple, serve as NAMB missionaries in Saint Cloud, MN, where he is pastor and she is director of children’s ministry for Harvest Fellowship Church en Español

And the message on that card said: ‘Argueta Family: just remember that God sent you for something, and you followed Him and His plan for you worked.

God is faithful, good, and takes care of his children. I can only give glory to Him for His salvation and giving meaning and purpose to our lives. Never look down on children for being children. They are invaluable to the Lord and He can use them for His glory.”

Would you like know more about what God is doing through our SBC missionaries, how to pray for them and how to lead our children to have a heart for missions through “Missions Journey Kids?”  Please contact me.

Mary McFarling
UISBC Women’s Missions and Ministries Network Leader

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