Need Pulpit Supply or an Interim Pastor?

The following article was reposted (with edits) from Redeeming Life Church blog dated January 8, 2022

BOUNTIFUL, UT – Pastors need to travel or be away from time to time. Sometimes, pastors need a break. A sabbatical might even be a way to recharge a pastor’s batteries. Yet pulpits still need to be filled and there are times when churches are between pastors. They need an interim pastor or preacher to serve for a while.     

Does your church need someone to fill in for a week or two? We can help. Maybe your pastor would like to sit under the preached Word with his family in his church for a Sunday? Or perhaps it’s time you give your pastor a sabbatical for a month or two? Do you need an Interim Pastor for a season to help you transition as you seek your next pastor? 


Redeeming Life Church in Bountiful, UT is happy to send Pastor Mike Pless (or other staff pastors) to preach God’s Word and help you minister the gospel to your faith family. If your church can’t cover the cost of travel, we’ll cover it. We’ll even provide an honorarium if your church cannot do so. And if your pastor and his family need help or rest, we’d like to be a blessing to him and his family in other ways too! 

Churches in Utah and Idaho, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re in need, even if it may require an overnight stay. We want to be a blessing. Let’s have a conversation

Pastor Mike is our Pastor Emeritus. He’s a retired pastor and has been serving in Utah for over 25 years. He’s willing to preach, if invited, and he’ll do so in line with our Statement of Faith. Find samples of his preaching in our church’s sermon archives. He’s received training in interim pastor and revitalization work and he’s pursuing additional training and certification through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is an active part of our Church Revitalization team at Utah Idaho SBC, a network of leaders who seek to strengthen churches across our two states.  

Please get in touch with Redeeming Life Church with your questions, needs, or to schedule a  pulpit supply. Follow this link to contact us

-Bryan Catherman, Pastor, Redeeming Life Church