Disaster Relief Operational Stress First Aid (OSFA)

We will be practicing social distancing and limiting the number of attendees. Please let us know if you would like to attend.

Class Registration Due by September 20, 2020 – To register, please contact Tiffany Neilson or Russ Hohmann 

Operational Stress First Aid (OSFA)

Is a flexible multi-step process for the timely assessment and pre-clinical care of stress reactions or injuries in individuals or units with the goals to preserve life, prevent further harm, and promote recovery. Required for DR Chaplains and recommended for all people working in a stressful environment.

Note: This is one of the required trainings to serve as a DR Chaplain. You will also need a recommendation from your pastor and approval from UT-ID leadership. To serve nationally as a Disaster Relief Chaplain, there is an application and similar approvals as the UT-ID approval. There is not an assertion that these classes will be accepted in other chaplain services.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning on church camping PLEASE let us know ASAP. We need to coordinate rooms with the church.

Contact Persons

Tiffany Neilson
UT-ID Training Coordinator
Cell: (208) 440-3982
Email: droffsite@uisbc.org

Russel Hohmann
UT-ID Disaster Relief Director
Cell: 801-644-4638
Email: disaster.relief@uisbc.org

Joe or Dolores O’Neill
UT-ID Chaplain Coordinators
Phone: (208) 880-9340
Email: daoneill94@gmail.com