It’s “Can Do” time: Set a course for missions this summer

By Gary McKean, UISBC Mission Partnerships Coordinator

Layton, UT – “Can Do” is the motto of the Navy SeaBees, an elite construction battalion of the US Navy that recently celebrated their 82nd birthday on March 5, 2024. They have a unique mission that is active in seasons of war and peacetime. When they are assigned a project, no matter the challenge, they do it.

As churches in Utah and Idaho, we are encouraged to adopt a “Can Do” attitude towards mission participation. Pastors, as you prepare your folks for a “Can Do” mission experience, consider some possibilities:

  1. SEND RELIEF mission trip. Send Relief is a Southern Baptist ministry that provides a way through well-organized mission trips to several ministry centers in North America and in cities around the world to bring help while sharing the hope of the Gospel We encourage you and your key leaders to visit the SEND RELIEF website ( and explore the mission opportunities, resources, and ministry centers. Deadlines for 2024 dates are coming up fast.
  2. Serve a ministry in a campground in a National Forest, National, or state park. It can be as simple as a weekly campfire program, campground cleanup, assisting a campground host, and visiting campers.
  3. Partner with another church for a coffee and doughnut ministry for truckers at an Interstate rest area close to where your church is located.

Whatever God leads you to do, have a “Can Do” mind and heart.  We would love to be of assistance and to hear the story of your missions. Please reach out to Gary McKean, our Partnership Missions Coordinator for more information about mission opportunities your church “Can Do”. Contact information for Gary is below this article.

For more information contact

Gary McKean

Missions & Partnership Coordinator