Disaster Relief Introduction & Recovery Training

We will be practicing social distancing and limiting the number of attendees. Please let us know if you would like to attend.

Class Registration Due by July 16, 2020 – To register please contact Tiffany Neilson or Russ Hohmann 

Training Sessions Available:

Introduction to Disaster Relief
Introduction to Disaster Relief is the only required class in Disaster Relief to serve on teams as a helper. This class starts your adventure that has the potential to change your life as you provide spiritual and physical help to those in crisis. Train to meet the urgent needs of those in crises with loving care, and timely response as James 2:15-16 instructs us to do. Disaster relief is Christian love in action.

  • Introduction to Disaster Relief Training Cost: $45 (one background check, manual, badge, cap, and T-shirt)
  • Recertification Cost: $17 (1 background check and badge)

Flood Recovery Training
Assisting in the removal of mud or other debris from homes, churches, and other buildings following a flood. Mud-out includes washing and sanitizing areas that have been contaminated by floodwater. Not glamorous but oh so necessary. It is more than shoveling mud in buckets come and learn the safety aspects of recovery.

Contact Persons

Tiffany Neilson
UT-ID Training Coordinator
Cell: (208) 440-3982
Email: droffsite@uisbc.org

Russel Hohmann
UT-ID Disaster Relief Director
Cell: 801-644-4638
Email: disaster.relief@uisbc.org