launches to encourage young adults to answer the call to ministry

Louisiana – One of the greatest challenges facing the future of our denomination centers around the lack of leaders being called out and developed through our Next Generation ministries in most of our churches.  Steve Masters, BCM director at LSU, has created a website which is chock-full of resources every Pastor, Youth Pastor, College Pastor, Campus Minister or anyone else invested in the lives of young people, should know about. Honestly, EVERY Baptist church and ministry leader should know this site.

We are talking about the website. This site could immediately be helpful to you and your church as you attempt to help young people navigate a possible call to ministry.

The first thing you will see at the site is the purpose statement and it is as follow:

Welcome to SBC Called. The purpose of this website is to provide information, resources, and training for High School Students and College Students who feel called to ministry. We hope this website will help these students with their journey into ministry.

The resources are almost overwhelming. There are so many helpful things scattered around the site but the main tabs are as follows…

  • Preparation – This section will help you in areas of personal preparation as you explore your call to ministry.
  • Resources – This section contains resources that will be helpful in your path to ministry.
  • Education – This section provides helpful information for continuing your education as you prepare for ministry.
  • High School Students – This section is to help High School students with your calling into ministry.
  • College Students Ministry and Missions Opportunities – This section contains information about ministry and missions opportunities throughout the SBC.

The tab titled “SBC INFO” covers information related to the IMB, NAMB, the CP, and the BFM. The site also describes the basic anatomy of Baptist life and how associations, state conventions, and our national entities serve our cooperative effort. Each of our six seminaries and every one of our over 50 Baptist-related colleges are mentioned and linked to from this site. It is literally the one-stop-shop for those who serve our high school and college students as they help our young people consider the possibility of a future in ministry.

The fact is, most of us have heard of the discouraging news related to the lack of young people entering vocational ministry. A number of our states have more churches than they do pastors to shepherd those churches. 

This resource is one that will help your ministry and your church identify, encourage, and equip your young people to navigate their call to ministry. Desperately needed, this site is appreciated and ought to be regularly utilized. God had placed this burden on the heart of Steve Masters which was ultimately fleshed out in the form of this website. 

Please let your ministry friends, as well as, any young people you know who might be interested in ministry know about the website and let’s pray God uses it in a mighty way.

The article was reprinted with permission from by the author, Louisiana Pastor, Jay Adkins. 

Another great resource that goes along with this website is a new book launched this week (November 1, 2022) by Scott Pace and Shane Pruitt 

Ministry comes with many weighty responsibilities. Ministry leaders are called to teach, serve, and lead. But in leading those under their care, there comes a moment when they recognize the future leaders under their leadership. With this recognition comes an all too familiar question: What comes next?

In Calling Out the Called, Scott Pace and Shane Pruitt answer this question by giving direction, encouragement, and a charge for ministry leaders to recognize the future leaders in their midst and do what needs to be done for the future of ministry: the calling out of the called. 

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