Preacher School provides quality education in the West

Preacher School

Salmon Valley Baptist Church
Salmon, Idaho

May 5-6, 2023

Salmon, ID – Preacher School is a two day preaching practicum aimed at helping pastors raise up teachers and preachers from within the local church.  The amazing thing is that God has used it for more than a decade to do so much more.  God has called out church planters, pastors, and evangelists from among those that initially show up wondering why God wants them to attend.   Preacher school grew out of a need.  Our churches of the Intermountain West didn’t always have access to immediate local training.  Preacher school flows from the heart of a seminary professor and a couple of pastors in the west that wanted to create an opportunity for the lay leader to gain practical training in how to prepare and deliver life changing, Gospel-centered sermons.  

The entire experience revolves around a simple preaching method, but the strength is not in the method.  The method is powerful because it constantly drives the preacher back to God’s word.  The method utilizes a simple preaching prep worksheet that continually drives the speaker to the truth and accountability of presenting God’s Word for what it says and not what the speaker would prefer to say.  Pastors from across the West bring some their lay leaders and future teachers to Preacher School in Wyoming or Salmon for Biblical and practical training.  God has used the experience to raise up leaders within those churches and leaders to plant the next churches.  Last year a young man sent me a video from his first ever live sermon just weeks after preacher school.  Many leaders return for multiple years and tell us stories of starting new groups, preaching new sermons, and all that God is doing in their lives.  Over the years hundreds of leaders have been trained, but many more have been ministered to through the work of those men and women who experienced Preacher School.  

If you are interested this year, please contact Mike soon.  There is still room for you.  

Mike Palmer, Pastor
Salmon Valley Baptist Church

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