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Utah-Idaho SBC

September 4-11, 2022

The churches of the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention see their focus as Churches Strengthening Churches, Churches Sharing Christ, and Churches Starting Churches. This year’s State Missions Offering emphasis is focused on our state convention Vision approved by the messengers at our October 2021 annual meeting. We are challenged to be surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ daily as we seek to share the gospel, strengthen all our churches, and to start new churches. 100% of the funds from the State Missions Offering fund our collegiate ministries across our region, our disaster relief ministries, sharing Christ, strengthening churches, and starting churches.

Together, we can make a difference as we partner in praying, giving, and sharing, as we seek to expand God’s kingdom right here at home!

2022 Utah-Idaho SBC Vision Logo


Churches Sharing Christ
Churches Starting Churches
Churches Strengthening Churches

Annual Mtg Promo - Background


Thank you Utah-Idaho Southern Baptists!

The Great Commission calls us is to share the gospel with everyone across Idaho and Utah, to start new churches where the gospel is being sown, and to strengthen all of our churches to His glory. As we enter this time of prayer and offering, we are reminded we serve a great God who is at work in our midst and desires to work through us in great ways to reach our mission field!

The State Missions Offering provides funds for special mission projects and supports our churches, missionaries, and ministries throughout Idaho and Utah. Your gifts stay in our state convention to help existing churches, start new churches, mobilize Disaster Relief volunteers, support ethnic work, provide outreach on college campuses, and provide funds for many churches for their outreach and church strengthening events. One hundred percent of this offering is utilized in Utah and Idaho.

2022  State  Missions  Offering Breakdown

Our State Missions Offering was formerly known as the York-Dillman State Missions Offering and now you know ‘the rest of the story!’  In 1887, Rev. J.B. York arrived in Clearwater, ID and planted a church in a log cabin schoolhouse. The first work in Utah began when Harold Dillman and his wife, Opal, helped plant a church in Roosevelt in 1944. As a result of these early church starting efforts, many more churches were started, leading to the formation of the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention in October 1964. Today, approximately 200 congregations meet weekly in our two states speaking in thirteen different languages!


2022 Goal


2021 Amount Raised

Resource Order Form

State Missions Offering resources (bulletin insert, poster, and envelopes) will be mailed to every Utah-Idaho SBC church late August. If you need more resources please complete the order form below. 

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