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Join the Utah-Idaho SBC Family

We are cooperating churches intent on sharing Christ, starting churches, and strengthening existing work for the glory of God

The Approval Process

A church desiring to affiliate with the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention should become familiar with the Constitution and Bylaws of the UISBC. A church desiring to affiliate shall submit the following application form with all the required materials and information. 

The application will be reviewed by the Executive Director, the Executive Board, and the Credentials Committee. If approved, the affiliation shall become effective as of the date of approval. The applying church will be notified of the action taken by the Executive Board.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us!

Church Information

Utah-Idaho SBC Affiliation Request

Upload Documents

Please upload the following church documents:
(1) Articles of Incorporation or, if the church is not incorporated, the organizational documents of the church
(2) Bylaws
(3) Constitution or, if the church does not have a constitution, the statement of the church's faith and belief
(4) Other supplemental information, statements, or documents as the church may desire to submit.