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There is no level or type of sexual abuse and misconduct of women, children, or men that is acceptable. We have been called by God to show honor and respect to all women, children, and men. We thank God for them. We stand with all who say ‘no’ to any type of abuse of women, children, or men at any time and under any circumstance and we also stand with all who have been abused.  We pray for all victims of sexual abuse and we will support them as well.  

  • The very mention of sexual misconduct among Southern Baptist church leaders deeply disturbs us. We are sickened by the thought.
  • Any allegations of sexual misconduct in SBC life should be taken seriously and addressed appropriately, including the immediate and full involvement of law enforcement.
  • Although there are 16 million Southern Baptists and nearly 50,000 SBC churches, even one instance of sexual misconduct is one too many.
  • It should grieve our hearts, as it grieves the heart of God, that innocent women, children, and men are abused in any way.
  • Any knowledge of sexual abuse should be reported immediately to the authorities.
  • Local churches, and networks of churches, should take the utmost care to protect those entrusted to their care and make use of databases provided by law enforcement of convicted offenders.
  • We pray for the victims in this series of articles who, unfortunately, have to relive the pain of their experiences in the retelling of their stories.


Debbie Chidester, Executive Assistant 
Office: 801-572-5350 (ext. 2)