Sonfest 2020 - Digital Youth Camp

Three Nightly Sessions All 3 sessions available for download or viewing here

1: One Opportunity - Ryan Fontenot

2: One Way - Clayton King

3: One Person - Shane Pruitt

Download Instructions:

While it is totally fine to view the Main Session videos from here in full screen mode, it is probably best to download the three nightly sessions onto your computer and play them offline. This will avoid buffering and any potential lag that may occur if you happen to go offline.

To download the videos, simply click the “V” in the lower right corner of the video you want to view on Vimeo (You will need to sign in or sign up for a free Vimeo account). Any free account will allow you the right to download some video content from the Vimeo page. Downloadable videos will have a “Download” symbol at the bottom right of the video information page.


As for the music video playlists, those are YouTube shared playlists that have been put together by Interlinc: Youth Leaders Only and are available to you as options. They will need to be played from the YouTube player unless you have other means to access those videos. Per Copyright laws, you are likely to have to view YouTube commercials before or during the video sets. There is no legal or ethical way around that reality without having permission to download those videos. 

To legally download and present the videos in your church setting, you can sign up for a paid account with Interlinc Youth Leaders Only (regular price, $99 per year),  you can access those same video playlists from their website. We do not have permission to share our access to that account.  Contact Jason McNair for information on discount codes for Interlinc YLO.

#Sonfest2020DYC Introduction

Theme Video: One by Dillon Chase

Video Magic by Jared Hall (egg trick)

Sonfest Music Video Playlist 1

Sonfest Music Video Playlist 2

Sonfest Music Video Playlist 3

MORE FREE STUFF Click the links for additional downloads

Digital Download Extras that support Sonfest 2020 (from DYC)

More resources supporting Digital Youth Camp, along with the remaining 5 Main Worship Sessions, access to all the Breakouts, Artist interviews, logos, handouts, etc., will be available through your church’s registration to Sonfest 2020 as one leader from your church will be given digital access to the entire DYC Library.