SMO Higher Education Funding Application

SMO Christian Leadership Higher Education Fund Application

  1. The applicant must be serving in or in association with a local church, association, or state convention ministry of the Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention, at the time of the request.
  2. The applicant shall provide information that sets forth the parameters of their program of study and ministry objectives.
  3. The applicant shall show evidence of registration for classes that will further their educational and ministry objectives.
  4. An accredited, and/or respected educational institution shall offer the classes.
  5. The SMO Christian Higher Education Fund may reimburse the applicant for one class per calendar year, up to $1000 per year.
  6. The applicant may reapply for additional funding, after a six month waiting period, beginning after the reimbursed class, according to the conditions of guidelines 1 through 5. This will help broaden the parity of potential disbursement.
  7. The funding request shall be submitted to the State Executive Director through the local Director of Missions. If an association is presently without a Director of Missions, the request may be submitted directly to the State Executive Director.
  8. The State Executive Director will review the request for approval or denial.
  9. The State Executive Director will report expenditures to the UISBC Executive Board Program Committee at regular board meetings.

ministry role: pastor, worship leader, bible study leader, etc

Please attach following items of information

financial statement showing that payment has been made to school
letter from applicant setting forth the parameters of thier course of study and ministry objectives